Firewood Availability

Firewood may not be available for this winter’s heating season.


This letter is the Yukon Wood Products Association response to the YESAB screening report and recommendations regarding the Quill Creek Timber Harvest Plan. This plan took over four years to navigate the Yukon’s administrative processes.  The letter highlight our issues and concerns with the report and the process in general.

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Fossil vs biogenic CO2 Emissions

Some people are puzzled about how bioenergy can contribute to climate change mitigation because burning biomass emits carbon dioxide (CO2). There have even been headlines in the media claiming that “biomass is worse than coal”. In fact, it is perfectly true that a bit more CO2 is released per unit energy from biomass than from black coal – this is purely a consequence of the chemical composition of biomass and coal.

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REPORT: Why Do Some Homes Survive Forest Fires?

The question; “Why some homes survive an intense interface forest fire is addressed in Alan Westhaver’s report. This report is an easy read and provides critical insights with regard to what each of us as homeowners can do to increase the survivability of our homes should a forest fire invade your subdivision. Look at the last two chapters if you don’t have the time to look at the whole report.”

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Yukon Chamber of Commerce Biomass Energy Policy

Yukon Chamber of Commerce has adopted a Biomass Energy Policy.  YWPA sees the support provided to the development of our industry as significant and looks forward to ongoing efforts to work together on the development of the biomass energy industry in Yukon.  Biomass will be a key factor in the ongoing effort to develop. a forest industry in Yukon.


Teslin Tlingit Council Biomass Project

The Teslin Tlingit Council has undertaken a biomass project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable and carbon neutral biomass. The manufacture of wood chips locally has created new jobs in the community. This video explains the project and the reasons for implementing it in the town of Teslin.

2016 Wood Products Association AGM

Our AGM was held on Friday. Below are a couple of highlights from the meeting:

The board of directors will remain the same for the coming year: Ron Johnson President, Ivan Thompson Vice president, Dan Reams secretary treasurer, Vlad Petrlak director and Byron Gagne director.

Minister Kent attended the meeting and advised us that a decision has been made with regard to bioenergy systems and the process for establishing them in government facilities across the Yukon. They will be putting out a call for expressions of qualifications for proponents to install and operate biomass boilers to sell heat to four educational facilities. the communities with schools that will fit into the initial call for proposals are one in each of Watson Lake, Teslin and Haines Junction. there will be a larger project at Yukon College. The idea is to promote the use of locally manufactured biomass and not import pellets from outside. Fossil fuel or other proposals will not be entertained.

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Members Meeting Held January 21, 2016

A YWPA members meeting was held on January 21, 2016. We had a full agenda with a number of important topics discussed with Minister Kent, Energy Mines and Resources, Stephen Mills, Deputy Minister EMR, and a number of staff from Forest Management Branch.

Download Member Meeting Minutes January 21, 2016 (PDF)

Download Werner Rhein Power Point Presentation (PPT)

The power point was presented to the YWPA members in January 2016 by Werner Rhein member.

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