What has the YWPA done for you?

As a member of this association you may well ask what am I getting for the price of admission into the Yukon Wood Products Association? Or a non-member may ask, what is the point of joining the association?

We can assure you we have been active in supporting the forest industry in the Yukon this year. Our members have attended biomass conferences in Prince George and mountain pine beetle conferences in Whitehorse. Our participation ensures the association is up to speed on new business opportunities and developments in forest management.

We have participated in processes with government departments to develop policy that will work for the industry. The woodlot policy is soon to be added to our list.

This web page has a section designed to promote members businesses. The executive director has provided potential buyers with members names so they can procure the products you produce.

Visit the link below to access our latest newsletter.

November Newsletter 2012 (PDF)